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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1BK 81/82T National Complete Set$140.00
2BB 35DS #83 Paul Waner$80.00
3FB 60T #23 Jimmy Brown$75.00
4FB 71T #156 Terry Bradshaw Rookie$85.00
5BB 69T Vertical Stamp Panel with Mays and Aaron$35.00
6FB 58T #22 John Unitas$26.00
7BB 34G #18 Heinie Manush$41.00
8BB 71T Scratch Off Near Set (23/24)$50.00
9BB 57T #312 Tony Kubek Rookie$75.00
10FB 81T Unopened Rack Pack$90.00
11BB 51B #30 Bob Feller$65.00
12FB 68T Poster Complete Set$29.00
13FB 63T #96 Ray Nitschke Rookie$75.00
14BB 58T #288 Harmon Killebrew$60.00
15BB 60T #250 Stan Musial$44.00
16FB 55B #152 Tom Landry Rookie$65.00
17BB 74T (52) Washington National League Cards$140.00
18BB 76Isaly Complete Disc Set$8.00
19GOLF 32 Bulgaria Sports #219 Walter Hagen$14.00
20GOLF (20) John Daly Cards$0.00
21HOC 73/4OPC (31) Assorted Cards$11.00
22HOC 72/3T (54) Assorted Cards$29.00
23HOC 71/2T (73) Assorted Cards$38.00
24HOC 73/4T (2) Blank Back Proofs$0.00
25GOLF 81D Complete Set$35.00
26HOC 76/77 & 77/8T Hoc (53) Inserts$14.00
27HOC 64/5T (11) Assorted$14.00
28HOC 81/2 (17) Ea. Trottier & Islander Ldrs.$0.00
29HOC 71/2T/OPC (10) Booklets$17.00
30GOLF (2) 60’s Wilson Coaster/Plates$5.00
31TEN 1991 Net Pro Factory Set$5.00
32BB 92Front Row Ray Dandridge Set$8.00
33BK 71-73T (42) Assorted$38.00
34BK 73/4T (44) Assorted$26.00
35BB 79Hostess #59 Matt Keough Progressive Proof$5.00
36BB (3) Bob Feller Cards$11.00
37BK (2) Flip Books$8.00
38BB 80T #294 Charlie Spikes Progressive Proof$11.00
39MS 52BR (4) Different$14.00
40TEN (4) 87Fax Pax Tennis Stars$0.00
41TEN (6) Assorted Vintage Cards$8.00
42TEN (26) SI for Kids Cards$5.00
43HOC (25) Assorted Wayne Gretzky Cards$14.00
44GOLF 01UD (70) Golden Bear Cards$0.00
45GOLF 01UD Golden Bear Set$0.00
46GOLF (7) Annika Sorenstam Cards$0.00
47BB E106 Larry Doyle$35.00
48FB 36D (10) Dave Smukler Match Books$14.00
49BOX W512 Jack Demspey$23.00
50BOX (10) Assorted Cards$11.00
51BOX 1918 T.S. Andrews Boxing Record Book$5.00
52BOX 1922 T.S. Andrews Boxing Record Book$0.00
53BOX 1925 T.S. Andrews Boxing Record Book$0.00
54BOX 1927 T.S. Andrews Boxing Record Book$0.00
55BOX 1927 T.S. Andrews Boxing Record Book$0.00
56FB 65T (14) Assorted$14.00
57Box (12) Strip Cards$23.00
58BB 1923 W572 (6) Assorted$14.00
59BB (8) W5 Strip Cards$29.00
60BB (2) Bancroft Strip Cards$14.00
61BB 73T Lee May Candy Lid Proof$26.00
62BB 73T Mike Marshall Candy Lid Proof$32.00
63BB 73T Mickey Lolich Candy Lid Proof$26.00
64BB 73T Richie Allen Candy Lid Proof$38.00
65BB 53-54T (3) Star Cards$14.00
66BB 56-57 (5) Superstar Cards$14.00
67BB 58-59T (5) Superstar cards$23.00
68BB 61-68T (5) Superstars$8.00
69BB R313 (5) Different$14.00
70BB T51 Murad College Series$70.00
71BB 53 Canadian Exhibit (10) Assorted$20.00
72BB 54-56T (36) Assorted$26.00
73BB (40) 50’s Bowman Cards$44.00
74BB 55B (27) Assorted$35.00
75BB 62T #168 Leo Posada Aluminum Printers Plate$26.00
76BB 62T #121 Billy Hitchcock Aluminum Printers Plate$26.00
77BB 62T #145 Barry Latman Aluminum Printers Plate$26.00
78BB 62T #406 Bob Taylor Aluminum Printers Plate$32.00
79BB 62T #1193 Eddie Kasko Aluminum Printers Plate$41.00
80BB 62T #184 Haywood Sullivan Aluminum Printers Plate$32.00
81BB 62T #147 Bill Kunkel Aluminum Printers Plate$26.00
82BB 62T #124 Bill Pleis Aluminum Printers Plate$26.00
83BK (8) Superstar Cards$41.00
84BOX 51T #69 John. L. Sullivan$5.00
85HOC (12) 70’s Superstars$20.00
86HOC 68/9T (3) Superstars$14.00
87BB (28) 60F & 61F Cards$23.00
88BB 63F (14) Assorted$20.00
89G 52W (3) Different$5.00
90G 52W (3) Ben Hogan Cards$23.00
91G 52W (3) Sam Snead Cards$11.00
92SWIM (4) 52W Cards$0.00
93SWIM W512 Johnny Weismuller$8.00
94BK 81/2T (4) Superstars$80.00
95FB 52W (4) Different$11.00
96BB 55T (3) Double Headers$41.00
97BOX T218 (2) Different$11.00
98BB (30) 80’s Superstar Rookie Cards$35.00
99G (36) UD Tiger Woods Cards$0.00
100G (7) SI for Kids Tiger Woods Cards$0.00
101G T51 (3) Murad College Series$23.00
102FB (65) John Elway Cards$0.00
103FB (43) John Elway Cards$0.00
104BB 70K (7) Different$26.00
105TEN (2) 1991 Net Pro Factory Sets$14.00
106GOLF (3) 1930 Wills Famous Golfers$0.00
107HOC 83/4 Esso Complete Set$11.00
108HOC 34DS (7) Harold March Matchbooks$8.00
109TEN 86FP (3) Factory Sets$11.00
110BB 79TCMA Dodgers Team Brick$5.00
111HOC 34DS (6) Johnny Gottselig Matchbooks$8.00
112BB (19) Assorted Exhibit Cards$32.00
113BB (4) Stat Back Exhibits$11.00
114BB 47-66Exhibits (2) Diff.$5.00
115BB (18) Assorted Exhibits$38.00
116HOC 34DS (5) Different$11.00
117FLY 1926 W512 Strip of 4$14.00
118TEN (104) Sportscaster Cards$11.00
119TRACK 1912 S22 Cornell Silk$8.00
120FLY (2) 1934 Skybirds Cards$11.00
121HOC 61/2York Jean Beliveau$14.00
122FB 70’s Joe Namath Puzzle$14.00
123FB 70’s Roman Gabriel Puzzle$5.00
124ROCK 1960’s Fats Domino Stub$8.00
125BB 64T (3) Coin Proof$60.00
126HOC 73/4WHA (5) Posters$17.00
127BB 1934 R310 (11) Premiums$44.00
128MS 72M Record Folder$8.00
129NS 85WTW Jets Rockets and Spacemen Set$5.00
130FB Ten Yards To Go sheet Music$0.00
131GOLF That’s Amore Sheet Music$5.00
132FB It’s Love I’m After Sheet Music$0.00
133BK 70’s Fabulous Magicians Program$0.00
134BB 71Arco (8) Phillies$5.00
135FB Hands of Time Sheet Music$0.00
136BB 69SC Stamp Albums$5.00
137HOC 71Action Players Rangers Set$5.00
138BB (11) 1947 Yankee Picture Pack Photos$5.00
139BB 46-49 (9) Sports Exchange Photos$5.00
140BB (19) 1949 Brooklyn Dodger Picture Pack Photos$8.00
141FB (77) 80’s Matchbooks$8.00
142BK 70V (8) Assorted Photos$17.00
143BB (40) 80’s Original 4x6 Snapshots$8.00
144HOC (14) Candiens Bee Hive Photos$20.00
145BB 1967 White Sox Picture Pack$11.00
146BB 1967 Kansas City Atheltics Picture Pack$11.00
147BB 74Bra-Mac (8) Photos$5.00
148BB 69MLBPA Complete Set$41.00
149BB 71Dell Atlanta Braves$20.00
150BB 71Dell Kansas City Royals$5.00
151BB 71Dell Chicago White Sox$5.00
152BB 71Dell New York Yankees$17.00
153BB 71Dell Detroit Tigers$11.00
154BB 50’s White Sox Decals$5.00
155BB (4) Billy Williams Day Pins$0.00
156BB (2) 38Wheaties Sheets$11.00
157HOC (3) Star Bee Hive Photos$11.00
158BK (2) 71M (4) Pack$17.00
159BK 71M (4) Pack$11.00
160FB (3) 1967 AFL/NFL Championship Tickets$60.00
161BB 77W Munson Mini Box$14.00
162BB 64T Coin Proof sheet$17.00
163FB (11) College FB Bowl Game Pins$11.00
164BB (2) PM10 Pins Musial & J.DiMaggio$29.00
165FB (10) NFL Pins$23.00
166FB (6) College Pins$5.00
167BB (9) Pins$20.00
168FB (2) Detroit Lions Pins$5.00
169BB 56T (4) pins$26.00
170BB 64T (18) HOF Coins$20.00
171BB 64T (19) AS Coins$11.00
172BB 62S (18) Commons$17.00
173BB 62S (6) Hall of Famers$23.00
174BB 62S (8) Better Coins$14.00
175BB 64T (52) Assorted Coins$26.00
176BK 74/5T (180) Assorted$80.00
177BK (110) Assorted Modern Stars$5.00
178BB (90) 1970’s Hall of Famers & Stars$60.00
179BK 78/9T (90) Assorted$17.00
180BK 75/6T 115 Assorted$47.00
181BB 60-64T (180) Assorted$220.00
182BB 65-69T (215) Assorted$220.00
183FB (80) Assorted Hall of Famers$20.00
184FB (100) Assorted Hall of Famers$11.00
185FB (115) Assorted Hall of Famers$17.00
186FB (105) Assorted Hall of Famers$14.00
187BK (210+) Hall of Famers$20.00
188FB 72-73 7-11 (21) Cups$14.00
189BB 73 7-11 (15) HOF Cups$14.00
190BB 72-73 7-11 (98) Cups$26.00
191BB 82 7-11 (45) Assorted Cups$14.00
192BB (15) Negro League Hats$35.00
193BB 78OPC Complete Set$100.00
194BB 79T Complete Set$200.00
195BB 79T Near Complete Set$70.00
196BB 71T Coin Near Complete Set$29.00
197BB (4) Hank Aaron Pins$5.00
198BK (3) Vintage 76’ers Pins$0.00
199BB 38 ONG (3) Pins$14.00
200FB (11) Vintage Cake Toppers$8.00
201BB 73T Team Checklist Near Set$70.00
202FB 76WB (2) Complete Sets$8.00
203BB 76TCMA Cedar Rapids Team Set$5.00
204FB 72T CFL (6) Trio Stickers$8.00
205BB 94UD (4) #298 Alex Rodriguez$5.00
206BOX T218 (2) Different$8.00
207BB 39PB (4) Different$20.00
208BB 60L (5) High Numbers$32.00
209FB 63T CFL (4) Team Cards$8.00
210FB 62T CFL (9) Different$8.00
211FB 58T CFL (8) Different$8.00
212FB 61T CFL (7) Different$8.00
213FB 60T CFL (3) Different$8.00
214BB 51B (3) New York Yankees$11.00
215BB 51B (3) High Numbers$14.00
216BB 41PB (2) Different Yankees$17.00
217BB 51B (5) Different Dodgers$20.00
218BB 47-66E (4) Different Dodgers$8.00
219BB 47-66E (2) Hall of Famers$5.00
220BB 48E (3) Hall of Fame Cards$5.00
221BB 36G (3) Wide Pen Premiums$5.00
222BB 36NC (3) Fine Pen Premiums$8.00
223BB 36NC (3) Wide Pen Premiums$5.00
224BB 39-46E (2) Salutation Exhibits$5.00
225FB (3) Rookie Cards$11.00
226FB 70’s (3) Rookie Cards$32.00
227BB 74T (5) Superstars$14.00
228FB (8) Walter Payton Cards$11.00
229FB 84-86T Dan Marino Cards$32.00
230FB 84-86T John Elway Cards$47.00
231BB 64T (4) Stand-Ups$32.00
232BB 73T (5) Hall of Famers$20.00
233FB 55T (7) All Americans$29.00
234BB 50B (2) Star Cards$8.00
235BB 49B (3) Different$14.00
236BB 53B (2) #78 Carl Furillo$11.00
237BB 53B (2) High Numbers$8.00
238BB 67T (3) High Numbers$35.00
239BB 67T (4) High Numbers$41.00
240BB 65T (3) Embossed Hall of Famers$8.00
241BB 33G (2) Different$17.00
242BB 41DP (2) Different$20.00
243FB 74T Team Checklist Complete Set$11.00
244BB 68T (7) Stand-Ups$14.00
245BB 66T (3) Rub Offs Superstars$23.00
246BB 61Scoops (3) Major Cards$20.00
247BK 78/9T (25) #85 JoJo White$5.00
248HOC 72/3T (4) Superstars$20.00
249BB 63B (5) All Time Greats$8.00
250FB 56T (3) SP Cards$14.00
251BB 63T Peel Offs (3) Hall of Famers$14.00
252BB 61NC (2) Key Hall of Famers$38.00
253FB 79T (2) #310 James Lofton Rookie$8.00
254BB (4) Pete Rose Cards$11.00
255BB Chipper Jones (25) Rookie Cards$20.00
256BB (9) 1980’s Rookie Cards$20.00
257BB 76T (2) #1 Hank Aaron Record$23.00
258BB 75T Seaver and Jackson$29.00
259HOC (7) Wayne Greztky Cards$26.00
260BB 2001UD (4) Red Sox Heroes$11.00
261BB 59F (5) Different Ted Williams$50.00
262FB 51B (2) Different$5.00
263BB (3) Red Schoendienst Cards$8.00
264BB (3) 2001T Archives Red Sox$26.00
265BB 33G (2) Different$11.00
266FB 62P (5) Star Cards$17.00
267FB 86T White and Young Rookies$14.00
268BB (4) 70’s Superstars$11.00
269BB 66EH Pirates Near Set$47.00
270BB (12) Jim Rice Cards$8.00
271BB 74T Traded Set$17.00
272HOC 71/2T Story Booklet Set$35.00
273BB 69T Deckle Edge Near Set$32.00
274BB 59T (17) Assorted$14.00
275BB 59T (27) Assorted$32.00
276BB 55T (12) Different$29.00
277BB 55T (26) Assorted Low #’s$32.00
278BB 55T (5) Different High Numbers$29.00
279BB 55T (4) Different High Numbers$20.00
280BB 54T (8) Different$8.00
281BB 54T (8) Different$14.00
282BB 54T (7) Different$14.00
283BB 54T (4) Different$11.00
284BB 54T (3) Mid Series$8.00
285BB 53T (8) Different$17.00
286BB 52T (4) Different$29.00
287BB 57T (17) Assorted$14.00
288BB 57T (17) Assorted$14.00
289BB 57T (17) Assorted$20.00
290BB (4) Autographed Gold HOF Plaks$14.00
291BB Tug McGraw Autographed Photo$8.00
292BB (3) Cardinals Autographed photos$8.00
293BB 70&71T Super Pete Rose Cards$14.00
294FB 81T Giant Size Set$8.00
295FB 80T (2) Grocery Store Rack Packs$60.00
296BB 71Dell All Star Stamp Book$32.00
297BB 40W Champs sheet with Lombardi$8.00
298BK 69/70 O.Robertson Ruler$29.00
299BB 1914 B18 Blanket Perdue Boston NL$17.00
300BB 1914 B18 Blanket Rucker Brooklyn NL$14.00
301FB 55B #37 Lou Groza$8.00
302FB 69T #100 Joe Namath$35.00
303BB 75T #228 George Brett Rookie$47.00
304BB 56T #307 Hoyt Wilhelm$14.00
305BB 56T #109 Enos Slaughter$8.00
306BB 60L #144 Jim Bunning$55.00
307BK 80T Bird/Brown/Brewer$14.00
308BB 71T #513 Nolan Ryan$11.00
309BB 03T TA-EW Earl Weaver Auto$8.00
310BK 80T May/Bird/Sikma$17.00
311FB 89S #257 Barry Sanders$26.00
312FB 56T #13 Vic Janowicz$8.00
313FB 56T #9 Lou Groza$14.00
314BB 91UD #2F Pedro Martinez PSA 9$17.00
315BB 94SP #15 Alex Rodriguez 8.5$23.00
316BB 35DS #74 Tony Lazerri$20.00
317BB 51T #31 Gil Hodges$8.00
318BB 1911 E254 Woods Colgan Chip$11.00
319BB 69T Stamp sheet with Rose$23.00
320BB 75T #500 Nolan Ryan$32.00
321FB 66P #58 Bob Hayes$29.00
322FB 89S #270 Troy Aikman$8.00
323BB 89UD #1 Ken Griffey Jr.$29.00
324BB 36S&S Gabby Hartnett$23.00
325BB 49 M.P. & CO. #106 Pee Wee Reese$11.00
326BB 34G #30 Julius Solters$23.00
327BB 41DP #7 Pepper Martin$29.00
328BB 35DS #27 “Pie” Traynor$17.00
329BB 51B #6 Don Newcombe$32.00
330BB 49B #70 Carl Furillo Rookie$26.00
331FB 57T #65 Art Donovan$11.00
332FB 57T #31 George Blanda$8.00
333BB 41PB #10 “Arky” Vaughn$26.00
334BB 41PB #63 Dom DiMaggio$35.00
335BB 56T #113 Phil Rizzuto$23.00
336BB 39PB #53 Carl Hubbell$29.00
337BB T206 Schlei, N.Y. Nat l.$23.00
338BB 1932 W560 Goose Goslin$11.00
339FB 55B #7 Frank Gifford$23.00
340BB 93N Don Drysdale Auto.$23.00
341BB 06UD Ovation Y.Molina Auto.$60.00
342BB 55RM #24 Minnie Minoso$14.00
343BB 55RM #14 Early Wynn$14.00
344BB 36NC Arky Vaughn Premium$5.00
345BB 36D Lefty Gomez Premium$11.00
346BB 47-66E Minnie Minoso$11.00
347BB 70T Super #37 Frank Robinson$11.00
348BB 71T Super #37 Roberto Clemente$11.00
349BB 36NC R312 Gabby Hartnett$11.00
350BB The Big League Book$5.00
351BB 55RM #7 Willie Mays$180.00
352May the 4th Be With YOU!$110.00